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Trailer Leasing in Jeffersonville, IN

Jeffersonville, IN may not be the largest city in the state, but it sure is one with several claims to fame. From the county seat of Clark County to the proud city that Papa John’s Pizza originated from to the site of the annual Abbey Road on the River Beatles music festival, Jeffersonville – or Jeff, as it’s oftentimes referred to – has a rich history that extends throughout the ages and a promising future ahead.

The History of Jeffersonville, IN

Jeffersonville originally wasn’t a city at all – it was founded as a settlement in 1786 strategically placed around Fort Finney with access to the Ohio River’s protection and water, but it didn’t obtain its current title until 1801, when it was named after Thomas Jefferson the year he took office.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Jeffersonville played crucial roles in several landmark events, including:

  • Functioning as a shipyard during the early-mid 1800s and during WWII
  • Being one of the largest routes for fugitives in the Underground Railroad
  • Being home to the Jefferson General Hospital – the 3rd largest in the nation during the Civil War
  • Being a main military supply depot during the Civil War and WWI
    • In fact, Jeff still a functioning portion of the original Quartermaster Depot running today!
  • De-segregating their schools 2 years before Brown v. Board of Education passed and being considered a model city for it

Jeffersonville has also had difficulties at points, though, just as every other city. Hit by the devastating Flood of 1937, 90% of the city was flooded and there was no electricity and no escape, as all roads leading into the city were covered due to a levee failure. There was also a time period in the 1930s where Jeffersonville was nicknamed “Little Las Vegas” due to a booming gambling scene to recover from the Great Depression. This business was so big that it brought in famous mobsters such as Clark Gable, Al Capone, and John Dillinger; however, the gambling scene was run out by the early 40s due to public outcry and rising violence.

Jeffersonville in Modern Times

In 2008, Jeffersonville made its largest annexation in the city’s history, a planned 6 annex zones that would add 7,800 acres. Only 5 of these zones were annexed in the end, but they expanded Jeffersonville’s land and population by approximately 5,500 acres and 9,500 people, which has grown to be what Jeffersonville is today. As of the 2020 census, the population rests around 50,000 people and the city limits encompass a total of 34.35 square miles of area.

With its proximity to Louisville by bridge over the Ohio River, the conversion of the Big Four Bridge – once a railway bridge – into a pedestrian and bicycle bridge caused a larger amount of foot traffic to come into Jeffersonville, so they constructed the Big Four Station, which is a plaza and part that features green space, fountains, a playground, and access to downtown. This is also where the Abbey Road on the River music festival is held – the largest Beatles-inspired festival in the world!

While the original “Papa John”, John Schnatter, might not own the franchise anymore, the 4th largest pizza delivery chain was still founded in a small closet-turned-oven-kitchen at the back of a tavern in 1984. Just 9 years after John Schnatter made his first pizza in that closet, the company went public and now has over 5,500 locations across the globe. The tavern, which belonged to Schnatter’s father, is called Mick’s Lounge and is still functioning today!

Jeffersonville’s long history in the shipyard business came to a relative halt in 2018, when the largest inland shipbuilder in the US, Jeffboat (which was previously known as Jeffersonville Boat & Machine Company and Howard Shipyard during WWII) closed due to overproduction after 200 years. However, this 80-acre property is now under the jurisdiction of the city and, in 2022, it was announced by city officials that there were plans in the works to redevelop it.

Jeffersonville is also the home of the United States Bureau of the Census’s National Processing Center, where a majority of collection, capture, and deliverance of census data occurs! This plant is one of Southern Indiana’s largest employers.

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