Corydon Battlefield Park in Indiana

Trailer Leasing in Corydon, Indiana

Despite boasting a population of barely 3,000 inhabitants, Corydon is brimming with history and activity. This southern Indiana township is the former state capital, the site of the state’s first constitutional convention, and a Civil War landmark! Keep reading to learn about Corydon’s history, popular activities in Corydon, and what services Moon Trailer Leasing offers the region. 

Major Historical Events in Corydon

Located north of the Ohio River in Harrison County, Indiana, Corydon was first established in 1808. At that time, Indiana was still a territory, vying for statehood. Due to its central location, the town was selected as the capital of the territory in 1813. The old capitol building still stands, alongside the “Constitution Elm,” an over-200-year-old elm tree under which the state senators were said to meet. Indeed, in 1816, 43 senators convened in Corydon to discuss statehood and draft the first state constitution. From 1816-1825, after Indiana became a state, Corydon served as the first official state capital.

On July 9, 1863, the only Civil War battle to take place in Indiana occurred in Corydon! While it was considered a minor skirmish, the Battle of Corydon still played a deciding role in the war. Led by Col. Lewis Jordon, around 450 men (mostly townspeople) faced a massive Confederate unit (part of the larger Morgan’s Raid). While they fought bravely to defend Corydon, they were significantly outnumbered, and were forced to soon surrendered the town. However, this battle delayed the Confederate forces enough to cost them in the long run, leading to the eventual capture of General Morgan and his army. You can visit the Battle of Corydon Memorial Park today to see a replica of a cannon used in the attack. 

Popular Activities in Corydon

Today, Corydon draws thousands of tourists each year to explore its well-preserved historic district. Starting at the Blaine H. Wiseman Visitor Center, you can take a free self-guided walking tour of major sites including the Constitution Elm, Corydon’s oldest house (built in 1807), the first state capitol building, and the Leora Brown School, one of the oldest former African America schools in the state. For kids, the Harrison County Discovery Center offers an immersive historical experience. 

There’s also plenty of shopping and entertainment in downtown Corydon. Stop by the iconic Butt Drugs, a third-generation family-owned pharmacy and general store. Enjoy an old-fashioned candy and ice cream parlor at Emery’s Ice Cream. Turtle Run Winery, Red Barn Antique Mall, and The Artisan Center (art gallery) offer exciting entertainment as well. 

Nearby, you can check out Squire Boone Caverns, a still-functioning mill built by Squire Boone, brother of Daniel Boone. For outdoorsy types, explore O’Bannon Woods State Park, which features 2,000 acres of forested trails. 

Trailer Leasing in Corydon

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