Moon Trailer Leasing offers leased and for sale storage containers in Shively, KY.

Trailer Leasing in Shively, KY

Shively, KY has a long history with the Louisville area as a home rule-class city in Jefferson County under the metro government, and Moon Trailer Leasing is proud to serve the area for their trailer leasing and sales needs! While the city has somewhat of a rocky past, Shively is undergoing several projects by the local and metro governments as well as the community that lives there to make it part of Kentucky’s natural charm.

A Brief History of Shively

Shively has been around practically since Louisville was founded in 1778, starting out as a small farming community whose landowners included the Shively family that the city is named after. The area once included a mill and tavern that were known as the “Shively Precinct” until 1816, when the land was donated to a church – the modern day Parkview Methodist.

In 1831, a stagecoach stop was added to the area, followed by the Elizabethtown and Paducah Railroad in the 1870s. After the Civil War, the Shively area became a refuge for German immigrants, who erected St. Helen’s Catholic Church in 1897, which was what the area was briefly known as until the Post Office couldn’t adopt the name due tot he existence of another St. Helen’s in Lee County, KY. This church and school was torn down in 2014.

The era of Prohibition and the Great Depression saw relative historic success for Shively, as the Brown-Forman distillery – who manufactures several popular brands of alcohol like Old Forester, Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, Finlandia, and now-sold off Early Times – managed to obtain one of the few permits to make medicinal alcohol during Prohibition, boosting the economy of the city while others’ fell. At the end of Prohibition, 8 distilleries opened in Shively, and Louisville attempted and failed to annex and tax those distilleries until they convinced the residents to incorporate separately in May of 1938. The distilleries left Shively with a $20 million revenue stream that kept it funded into the 50s and 60s, when it became the fastest-growing city in Kentucky.

The following era saw the gradual decline in the environment, brought on by the distilleries closing, the population falling, and racism taking ahold of the city as white flight segregated the area and saw the Wade Incident of 1954. Since then, the black population has increased to make up approximately 30% of the total population, but the city was again hit with scandal in the 80s, when the police chief admitted to taking bribes that would allow prostitution in the area, which earned it the nickname “Lively Shively.”

Today, Shively is a stop in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with the Brown-Forman Distillery, a Bulleit Bourbon tourist attraction, and the Michter’s Distillery and is slowly improving with the help of various public works projects and businesses moving into the area. The city of Shively includes a total of 4.6 square miles, 0.01 square miles of it water. According to the 2020 census, the population has grown by 2.4% from 2010 to 15,636 people.

Storage Container Sales in Shively, KY

Moon Trailer Leasing offers delivery on several of our premium products, which include:

  • Storage Containers for Rent
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  • Portable Offices for Rent
  • Storage Trailers for Rent

Our guarantee makes it so that you have professional service from the time you contact us to the time we pick up your rental. Moon Trailer Leasing has been in the business of renting storage trailers since 1992. We offer 28 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft and 53 ft trailers for monthly rent.

In addition to storage trailers, we offer ground level storage containers for rent along with portable moving and storage containers that are specifically designed for furniture and other lighter-duty storage applications. Storage trailers are loading dock accessible, equipped with either swing doors or roll-up doors, have durable hardwood floors, and are pallet-jack and forklift accessible. If you are uncertain what size or specifications are suited for your needs, our expert staff can help you make an informed decision about what is right for you! 

If you are looking for shipping container rentals or purchasing options in the Kentucky or Southern Indiana, considering giving Moon Trailer Leasing a call. Our experienced team has decades of experience serving the needs of customers throughout Louisville, Lexington, Clarksville, Jeffersonville, New Albany, and the surrounding areas. We also specialize in other related services including portable restroom and shower rentals, dumpster rentalsrefrigerated container rentals and more. For additional details or to get a fast and easy quote for your project, give us a call at 502-776-2199. “Ask for the Moon, and get it!”