Packing for International shipping

Shipping Overseas? Tips for Safely Packing Goods for Shipping Containers

Packing Shipping Containers for Overseas Shipping

Are you shipping commercial goods overseas in shipping containers?  If you are shipping overseas, you are probably concerned about your cargo arriving safely and free of damage.  Even though shipping containers made following ISO standards are built to be very secure, dry and durable, there are still some packing strategies you can use to increase the chances your items will arrive in good shape. Follow along for some helpful packing tips as you prepare for international cargo shipping.

6 Tips for Safely Packing Shipping Containers for Overseas Shipments

When you hire a dependable overseas mover, oftentimes you can also hire the overseas moving company to arrange packing services for you. This might also be something you’d prefer to do yourself. If you are packing your own goods for an international shipment, here is some helpful advice to follow to get you started.

  1. Pack by weight. Place heavy on the bottom of boxes. Lighter, and more fragile items, should be placed closer to the top.
  2. Nest your items. In order to save space, and to secure your packing, ship items inside one another whenever possible.
  3. Pack your cargo tightly. One of the keys to great packing is tight packing. If your cargo is loosely packed, it will move around a lot. This greatly increases the risk for damage.
  4. Cushion breakable items generously. If you are shipping cargo that is breakable, you have to take every precaution to protect it. Use packing styrofoam, crumpled paper, towels, and other appropriate materials to pad the bottom, top, and sides of any boxes carrying fragile cargo.
  5. Pack similar items together. It’s much easier to unpack your cargo when you have items that belong together in the same box. If possible, organize your shipment in advance to simplify the unpacking process.
  6. Clearly label boxes. Use labels to specify item type, and whether fragile items are in the container. If a carton belongs in a certain position, use a permanent marker to draw arrows on each side of the box specifying which end is upright.

It is also advisable that you keep a detailed list of the contents in your cargo shipping container. Even though this information will be required for shipment and customs regulations, you should always have your own records in a secure place for easy access.

Whether you buy used or new, investing in high quality and well maintained shipping containers will make any overseas shipments that you do much easier. Moon Trailer Leasing offers a large selection of high quality shipping containers in a variety of sizes and styles. Headquartered in Kentucky, the company has nearly 30 years of experience buying and selling shipping containers. Give us a call at 502-776-2199 for more information.


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