Disaster affected area

How Mobile Offices are Used in Disaster Relief Efforts

Mobile offices can be a practical, cost effective option for those looking for a temporary office space. These offices are typically constructed inside of a standard trailer, so that they can be easily hauled and deployed. Although it may not be the first use case that comes to mind, these qualities make mobile offices perfect for disaster affected areas. In these areas, officials and volunteers need fast and effective solutions in order to effectively provide relief. Keep reading to learn more about how mobile offices and similar mobile buildings are used in disaster relief efforts.


Construction job sites are perhaps the most common places to find mobile office trailers. These job sites need a temporary base of operations, and the portability and price of office trailers make them a very attractive option. Trucks can deliver the offices directly to the job site and pick them up as soon as the job is completed, making the whole process very efficient and easy.

In disaster affected areas, there is no shortage of construction to be done. Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and similar events can leave many homes, schools, and businesses destroyed. Eventually, affected communities will need to rebuild, meaning wide scale construction. These construction sites will inevitably need office spaces, and as mentioned before, portable office trailers are a popular option. Click here to read about local construction efforts in Bowling Green as the area struggles to recover from devastating tornadoes earlier this year.

Natural Disaster Control Centers

It takes a lot of work to recover from a natural disaster. There are resources to allocate, volunteers to direct, and difficult, time sensitive cleanup jobs to hire out. All this work makes an office, or many offices, a necessity for disaster relief efforts, and since many office buildings may have already been destroyed, an alternative is required. This is where portable office trailers come in. These trailers can be delivered to the affected area and set up quickly, so no time is wasted. 


Schools can be easily forgotten about in the wake of a natural disaster. With so much damage done to homes and personal property, many don’t have time to consider the effect these events can have on education. Destroyed classrooms and school buildings can take months to clear and rebuild, sidetracking entire school years. Luckily, schools don’t need to wait for this lengthy process of rebuilding to get back to class. With the help of portable classroom and office trailers, schools can be back in session very quickly after a natural disaster. This is important not only for the continuation of student’s education, but as a way to restore a degree of normalcy to children’s lives.

Why Moon

Moon Trailer Leasing offers several choices of portable offices for rent in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. We offer portable offices on wheels or ground level offices in a variety of sizes. Our units offer immediate, secure on-site office space for job-sites or for any location that you have that requires temporary office space.

Our office trailers on wheels are available in lengths of 20 ft and 30 ft. We supply OSHA approved steps for easy access. Our experienced staff can supply you with floor plans detailing the layout of workspaces. Our 8’ x 30’ office trailers offer 270 sf of work space including two offices divided by an interior wall which has a standard interior door. All portable office trailers have insulated walls, ceilings and floors. Other standard options include vinyl flooring, interior wood paneling, fluorescent lighting, electric heating, electric ac unit, sliding windows and a lockable steel exterior door. For more information on portable offices, check out our article on 5 important things to consider before renting a portable office.