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Trailer Leasing in Middletown, Kentucky

Did you know that Middletown is one of the earliest settlements in Kentucky? Founded in 1797, this home rule-class city features a winning combination of historical charm and commercial development. 

Residents of Middletown can enjoy annual events, such as Concert in the Park, a Lenten fish fry, Veteran’s Day parade, and more. Those looking for event space can find ample enjoyment in Middletown’s Community Center, which occupies the site of the historic Middletown Methodist church. Its sanctuary features stained glass windows, pews, and a piano.

The History of Middletown, Kentucky

The name “Middletown” has a contentious backstory. Some historians believe that it was given this name due to its centrality between Louisville and Shelbyville, two larger cities. However, others think that “Middletown” can be credited to being between Westport and “Shippingport,” two early Ohio river port towns. 

Originally a tract of land owned by Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Myers, Middletown’s central location made it quickly become an early trading post for farmers and travelers. It featured a tannery, cigar factory, millinery shop, general stores, a tailor, blacksmith, and more. Its location on a road between Lexington and Louisville made it a popular rest-stop for stage coaches and people on horseback. Early visitors could stay at pleasant amenities like the Middletown Inn. 

In 1910, an interurban railroad was built through Middletown, connecting Louisville and Shelbyville. This caused a population boom in the area, as people were now able to commute to their jobs in each city along the railroad. However, following the widespread use of cars, the railroad was discontinued. 

Today, Middletown has a historic district as well as several properties on the National Registry of Historic Places. There are also many retail shops and popular restaurants in the area. Visitors can stroll through Middletown’s well-preserved streets, experiencing the 200+ years of history for themselves. 

Trailer Leasing in Middletown, Kentucky

For residents of Middletown and the surrounding areas, Moon Trailer Leasing offers storage trailer leasing, storage container rental, portable office rental, and more. Our 28 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft and 53 ft trailers are available for monthly rent, as well as ground level storage containers and portable moving and storage containers. Storage trailers are loading-dock accessible, equipped with either swing doors or roll-up doors, have durable hardwood floors, and are pallet-jack and forklift accessible as well. 

As one of Kentucky’s largest full service leasing companies, we offer many companion services, including roll-off dumpster rentals, portable restroom rentals, grease trap cleaning, refrigerated container rentals, and more!

We’ve served central Kentucky and Southern Indiana for over 25 years and take great pride in our hardworking staff, punctual services, and customer-centric approach. If you’re ready to get started with Moon, contact us online or give us a call today. We look forward to working with you! 



Corydon Battlefield Park in Indiana

Trailer Leasing in Corydon, Indiana

Despite boasting a population of barely 3,000 inhabitants, Corydon is brimming with history and activity. This southern Indiana township is the former state capital, the site of the state’s first constitutional convention, and a Civil War landmark! Keep reading to learn about Corydon’s history, popular activities in Corydon, and what services Moon Trailer Leasing offers the region. 

Major Historical Events in Corydon

Located north of the Ohio River in Harrison County, Indiana, Corydon was first established in 1808. At that time, Indiana was still a territory, vying for statehood. Due to its central location, the town was selected as the capital of the territory in 1813. The old capitol building still stands, alongside the “Constitution Elm,” an over-200-year-old elm tree under which the state senators were said to meet. Indeed, in 1816, 43 senators convened in Corydon to discuss statehood and draft the first state constitution. From 1816-1825, after Indiana became a state, Corydon served as the first official state capital.

On July 9, 1863, the only Civil War battle to take place in Indiana occurred in Corydon! While it was considered a minor skirmish, the Battle of Corydon still played a deciding role in the war. Led by Col. Lewis Jordon, around 450 men (mostly townspeople) faced a massive Confederate unit (part of the larger Morgan’s Raid). While they fought bravely to defend Corydon, they were significantly outnumbered, and were forced to soon surrendered the town. However, this battle delayed the Confederate forces enough to cost them in the long run, leading to the eventual capture of General Morgan and his army. You can visit the Battle of Corydon Memorial Park today to see a replica of a cannon used in the attack. 

Popular Activities in Corydon

Today, Corydon draws thousands of tourists each year to explore its well-preserved historic district. Starting at the Blaine H. Wiseman Visitor Center, you can take a free self-guided walking tour of major sites including the Constitution Elm, Corydon’s oldest house (built in 1807), the first state capitol building, and the Leora Brown School, one of the oldest former African America schools in the state. For kids, the Harrison County Discovery Center offers an immersive historical experience. 

There’s also plenty of shopping and entertainment in downtown Corydon. Stop by the iconic Butt Drugs, a third-generation family-owned pharmacy and general store. Enjoy an old-fashioned candy and ice cream parlor at Emery’s Ice Cream. Turtle Run Winery, Red Barn Antique Mall, and The Artisan Center (art gallery) offer exciting entertainment as well. 

Nearby, you can check out Squire Boone Caverns, a still-functioning mill built by Squire Boone, brother of Daniel Boone. For outdoorsy types, explore O’Bannon Woods State Park, which features 2,000 acres of forested trails. 

Trailer Leasing in Corydon

Live or work in Corydon? Moon Trailer Leasing offers storage trailer leasing, storage container rental, portable office rental, and other services. And, as a full service leasing company, Moon also offers portable restroom rentals, grease trap cleaning services, dumpster rentals, mobile refrigeration, and more. Just one call gets you access to all our services!

At Moon Trailer Leasing, we offer 28 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft and 53 ft trailers for monthly rent. In addition to storage trailers, we offer ground level storage containers for rent along with portable moving and storage containers that are specifically designed for furniture and other lighter duty storage applications. Storage trailers are loading-dock accessible and are equipped with either swing doors or roll-up doors. Featuring durable hardwood floors, our storage trailer rentals are pallet-jack and forklift accessible as well.

For over 25 years, we’ve served the Kentuckiana region. We take great pride in our hardworking staff, timely services, and customer-centric approach. If you’re ready to get started, contact us online or give us a call today. We look forward to working with you! 


Rent Storage Containers and Trailers in Jeffersontown, Louisville, Kentucky

Trailer Leasing in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

Jeffersontown, Kentucky is a major suburb on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky. As a home-rule class city, it boasts a population of over 27,000 people. It is largely known for its commercial and economic presence, being the home of the 1,800-acre Bluegrass Commerce Park. This development contains over 850 businesses and employs over 3,800 people! Residents and tourists can enjoy Jeffersowntown’s vibrant history, diverse restaurant options, and exciting entertainment venues. 

Jeffersontown has a long and rich history. Established in 1794, it was named after the then-vice-president, Thomas Jefferson. At the time, Jeffersontown was a hub of activity, the home of blacksmiths, potters, farmers, wagon builders, and other pioneers. Today, you can explore Jeffersontown’s history at the Jeffersontown Historical Museum and the beautiful Blackacre Nature Preserve & Historic Homestead, or have some retro fun at the Recbar, a restaurant and bar with vintage arcade games.

Other popular entertainment venues and restaurants in the Jeffersontown area include Bluegrass Karting, Charlie Vettiner Park, Kingpin Lanes, 3rd Turn Brewery, Barcelona Bistro Bar, Gaslight Diner and the Mussel and Burger Bar.

If you are looking for storage options, trailers or mobile offices in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, contact Moon Trailer Leasing today. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your storage and job site needs. As one of Kentucky’s largest full-service container leasing companies, we pride ourselves in our expert customer service and competitive rates. 

4 Reasons To Choose Moon Trailer Leasing in Jeffersontown, KY

For over 25 years, we’ve.served the Jeffersontown, Kentucky area. Keep reading to learn 4 reasons why you should choose Moon Trailer Leasing. 

1. We’re Fast.

At Moon Trailer Leasing, we can deliver on incredibly short notice, responding quickly to the seasonal needs or day-to-day schedules of your business. We offer both short term and long term rental plans, so you won’t get trapped in a contract you can’t get out of or don’t need. We also offer a Location-Accessibility Evaluation to ensure the delivery address is forklift or pallet-jack accessible.

2. We Have a Wide Range of Sizing Available.

Whether you’re looking for a storage container, trailer or mobile office, we offer a huge variety of sizes and conditions available for every need and price-range. We currently offer 6 types of storage containers, 3 types of trailers, and 6 types of mobile offices!

3. We Keep The Highest Standards of Quality.

All of Moon Trailer Leasing’s used and new shipping containers are built to ISO standards and are therefore structurally sound as well as wind-proof and watertight. Containers for sale are also available for pre-purchase inspection so you can ensure you have selected a quality storage container. Additionally, storage trailers are equipped with high-end hardwood floors and are specially designed to suit lighter duty storage applications. 

4. We Offer Warehouse Space & Other Services

As a full-service leasing company, we’re able to provide you with warehouse space. You can easily store overstock or unexpected increases in production at our warehouse space, saving you time and money. Plus, we can also provide additional leasing opportunities such as refrigerated containers, dumpsters and portable restrooms!

If you are looking for a customizable approach to storage and office space, contact Moon Trailer Leasing in Jeffersontown, Kentucky today. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the city of Jeffersontown and have been in the industry since 1992. For pricing and product selection, contact us online or call 502-776-2199.

Planning for a construction project

8 Ways To Get Organized For A Major Construction Project

Want to stay organized with your construction project?


Working on a major construction project isn’t easy. You need to plan and execute every aspect carefully to ensure successful results. It is a project manager’s responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong during construction. They oversee the project from initial discussions to final handover. If you’re planning for significant work, here are 8 important things you can do to stay organized with your construction project.


  1. Establish A Work Breakdown Structure

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a visual project plan. It includes all sections of the project like deliverables, project schedules, and other information. It provides an excellent overview of a project, helping teams stay on track and be aware of the bigger picture. This also allows teams to determine how delays or issues with one section will impact the rest. A Work Breakdown Structure is one of the first things project managers should work on after a client approves a project.


  1. Create A Scope Statement

Scope statements help teams keep the end goals in mind. It can be easy to become lost in the intricate details of a project and forget what a client truly wants. A scope statement includes the hopes and dreams of the client, so your team can always be aware of it. This may just seem like simple planning. However, experienced project managers know it has a big impact on customer satisfaction rates.


  1. Develop A Risk-Management Plan

Every construction project includes risks. There’s always a possibility that you may run into budget problems, a delay with materials, poor raw material quality, or team turnover. Therefore, project managers must have contingency plans to help ensure the construction continues on schedule without any major delays. A risk management plan provides key guidelines on how team members should respond to changes. Construction is a long-term fluid project, and details often change. So, a good plan can help people maintain proper flow during projects.


  1. Implement A Communication Plan

Project managers are often the bridge between the on-site teams and other stakeholders like clients, company executives, and investors. They need to maintain proper communication with dozens of people at any given time, which is why a good plan is essential. You need to keep open, accessible communication that doesn’t disrupt a project but ensures everyone is on the same page. Establish efficient channels early on in the planning stages and make sure you have emergency communications in place as well. A good plan will help you avoid delays.


  1. Set Up Performance Metrics

Setting up performance metrics is a good way to track your team’s efficiency. This is vital for long-term and large-scale construction projects, where teams can quickly lose focus or become overwhelmed. To avoid this, a project manager must identify gaps in performance and implement procedures to help their team.


  1. Ensure A Quality Assurance Process

Large construction projects require quality assessments at every stage. Establishing proper control at every stage of a project can help you keep track of overall quality. This helps improve customer satisfaction rates while ensuring the design is sound.


  1. Set Up An Efficient Worksite

Your construction team will work best if your worksite is organized, efficient and comfortable. Figuring out traffic flow at the site and ordering equipment like dumpsters, restrooms, showers, and mobile office trailers help your team perform effectively. Experienced companies like Moon Trailer Leasing can help you plan in advance and provide you with the highest quality equipment.


  1. Establish Safety Protocols

Construction sites can be risky places. It is essential to establish proper safety protocols before starting work on any construction project. Plan how to respond to emergencies, provide safety training, and make sure everyone has proper safety gear.


Thorough planning can help you stay organized with your construction project. For more information about planning and renting or buying equipment, contact Moon Trailer Leasing today at 502-776-2199.



Used Conex Boxes for Sale in Louisville Kentucky

used conex boxes for saleAre you looking for high-grade commercial quality Conex boxes for sale in Louisville Kentucky? Moon Trailer Leasing offers a large selection of quality used Conex boxes for sale and rent in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding region.

Conex boxes were initially created as a means to safely and securely ship goods internationally for military use. Now shipping containers like Conex boxes are used to transport most of the world’s cargo. According to the International Code Council (ICC), there are now over thirty million ISO containers in use across the globe.

Conex boxes are sometimes called ISO steel containers, ocean freight containers, storage containers or sea cans. They are very strong, with dense, thick walls constructed with industrial-grade steel. Not only are they very difficult to damage, but they are stackable and comparatively easy to move. This makes Conex boxes the ideal vessel to transport many different types of goods safely and securely all around the world.

Moon Trailer Leasing’s Conex boxes are clean, dry and secure units. Each unit is built to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization). ISO standards include the approval of specified designs based on strength and safety requirements. Conex boxes are built to be weatherproof since climate and weather conditions during international shipping may vary considerably. Containers are constructed and inspected to ISO standards by a Classification Society. Each of these containers includes a Safety Approval Placard, sometimes called a data plate.

Sizes of Used Conex Boxes from Moon Trailer Leasing in Louisville Kentucky

Moon Trailer Leasing offers used Conex boxes for sale in two popular sizes – the 20-foot and 40-foot container.

Standard ISO shipping containers are 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet high and available in two lengths – the 20-foot Conex box and the 40-foot Conex box. There are also extra tall shipping containers referred to as “high cube containers” available at 9.5 feet high.

A 20-foot Conex box typically weighs just over 5,000 pounds.

Features of Conex Boxes For Sale in Louisville Kentucky

Moon Trailer Leasing offers two sizes of Conex boxes for sale. Some of the features of the Conex boxes available from Moon Trailer Leasing include the following:

  • Swing Doors on one end or both ends for easy packing and loading.
  • Secure lock boxes for added security on most units.
  • Forklift accessible.
  • Sold “as is” and available for a pre-sale inspection.

Moon Trailer Leasing offers used Conex boxes in a variety of sizes, colors, and conditions. Some may have dents from years of shipping and handling. Moon Trailer Leasing’s used Conex boxes come in a variety of grades and conditions. Each container’s price is according to its grade and condition.

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing used Conex boxes from Moon Trailer Leasing, please contact us today by phone or email. Locally-owned and operated, Moon Trailer Leasing has offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky. Moon Trailer Leasing has sold new and used Conex boxes to customers throughout Kentucky and Southern, Indiana for over two decades.