Planning for a construction project

8 Ways To Get Organized For A Major Construction Project

Want to stay organized with your construction project?


Working on a major construction project isn’t easy. You need to plan and execute every aspect carefully to ensure successful results. It is a project manager’s responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong during construction. They oversee the project from initial discussions to final handover. If you’re planning for significant work, here are 8 important things you can do to stay organized with your construction project.


  1. Establish A Work Breakdown Structure

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a visual project plan. It includes all sections of the project like deliverables, project schedules, and other information. It provides an excellent overview of a project, helping teams stay on track and be aware of the bigger picture. This also allows teams to determine how delays or issues with one section will impact the rest. A Work Breakdown Structure is one of the first things project managers should work on after a client approves a project.


  1. Create A Scope Statement

Scope statements help teams keep the end goals in mind. It can be easy to become lost in the intricate details of a project and forget what a client truly wants. A scope statement includes the hopes and dreams of the client, so your team can always be aware of it. This may just seem like simple planning. However, experienced project managers know it has a big impact on customer satisfaction rates.


  1. Develop A Risk-Management Plan

Every construction project includes risks. There’s always a possibility that you may run into budget problems, a delay with materials, poor raw material quality, or team turnover. Therefore, project managers must have contingency plans to help ensure the construction continues on schedule without any major delays. A risk management plan provides key guidelines on how team members should respond to changes. Construction is a long-term fluid project, and details often change. So, a good plan can help people maintain proper flow during projects.


  1. Implement A Communication Plan

Project managers are often the bridge between the on-site teams and other stakeholders like clients, company executives, and investors. They need to maintain proper communication with dozens of people at any given time, which is why a good plan is essential. You need to keep open, accessible communication that doesn’t disrupt a project but ensures everyone is on the same page. Establish efficient channels early on in the planning stages and make sure you have emergency communications in place as well. A good plan will help you avoid delays.


  1. Set Up Performance Metrics

Setting up performance metrics is a good way to track your team’s efficiency. This is vital for long-term and large-scale construction projects, where teams can quickly lose focus or become overwhelmed. To avoid this, a project manager must identify gaps in performance and implement procedures to help their team.


  1. Ensure A Quality Assurance Process

Large construction projects require quality assessments at every stage. Establishing proper control at every stage of a project can help you keep track of overall quality. This helps improve customer satisfaction rates while ensuring the design is sound.


  1. Set Up An Efficient Worksite

Your construction team will work best if your worksite is organized, efficient and comfortable. Figuring out traffic flow at the site and ordering equipment like dumpsters, restrooms, showers, and mobile office trailers help your team perform effectively. Experienced companies like Moon Trailer Leasing can help you plan in advance and provide you with the highest quality equipment.


  1. Establish Safety Protocols

Construction sites can be risky places. It is essential to establish proper safety protocols before starting work on any construction project. Plan how to respond to emergencies, provide safety training, and make sure everyone has proper safety gear.


Thorough planning can help you stay organized with your construction project. For more information about planning and renting or buying equipment, contact Moon Trailer Leasing today at 502-200-2315.



Used Conex Boxes for Sale in Louisville Kentucky

used conex boxes for saleAre you looking for high-grade commercial quality Conex boxes for sale in Louisville Kentucky? Moon Trailer Leasing offers a large selection of quality used Conex boxes for sale and rent in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding region.

Conex boxes were initially created as a means to safely and securely ship goods internationally for military use. Now shipping containers like Conex boxes are used to transport most of the world’s cargo. According to the International Code Council (ICC), there are now over thirty million ISO containers in use across the globe.

Conex boxes are sometimes called ISO steel containers, ocean freight containers, storage containers or sea cans. They are very strong, with dense, thick walls constructed with industrial-grade steel. Not only are they very difficult to damage, but they are stackable and comparatively easy to move. This makes Conex boxes the ideal vessel to transport many different types of goods safely and securely all around the world.

Moon Trailer Leasing’s Conex boxes are clean, dry and secure units. Each unit is built to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization). ISO standards include the approval of specified designs based on strength and safety requirements. Conex boxes are built to be weatherproof since climate and weather conditions during international shipping may vary considerably. Containers are constructed and inspected to ISO standards by a Classification Society. Each of these containers includes a Safety Approval Placard, sometimes called a data plate.

Sizes of Used Conex Boxes from Moon Trailer Leasing in Louisville Kentucky

Moon Trailer Leasing offers used Conex boxes for sale in two popular sizes – the 20-foot and 40-foot container.

Standard ISO shipping containers are 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet high and available in two lengths – the 20-foot Conex box and the 40-foot Conex box. There are also extra tall shipping containers referred to as “high cube containers” available at 9.5 feet high.

A 20-foot Conex box typically weighs just over 5,000 pounds.

Features of Conex Boxes For Sale in Louisville Kentucky

Moon Trailer Leasing offers two sizes of Conex boxes for sale. Some of the features of the Conex boxes available from Moon Trailer Leasing include the following:

  • Swing Doors on one end or both ends for easy packing and loading.
  • Secure lock boxes for added security on most units.
  • Forklift accessible.
  • Sold “as is” and available for a pre-sale inspection.

Moon Trailer Leasing offers used Conex boxes in a variety of sizes, colors, and conditions. Some may have dents from years of shipping and handling. Moon Trailer Leasing’s used Conex boxes come in a variety of grades and conditions. Each container’s price is according to its grade and condition.

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing used Conex boxes from Moon Trailer Leasing, please contact us today by phone or email. Locally-owned and operated, Moon Trailer Leasing has offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky. Moon Trailer Leasing has sold new and used Conex boxes to customers throughout Kentucky and Southern, Indiana for over two decades.