Fun Stuff to Put in Your He/She Shipping Container

Man-caves, she-sheds, bachelor pads, personal studios – there have been many names for those little spaces that are special to us. And now, shipping containers are coming into style as an alternative to building, buying, or renovating a shed or area in your house. More people than ever are opting for a he/she shipping container […]

Ground Level Offices vs Office Trailers: What’s the Difference?

If you know about our mobile office for rent services, then you might be aware that we offer two different types office: ground level offices and mobile offices. Both of these container-based offices are wonderful additions to worksites, but you might be wondering – what’s the difference? While the two are comparable in many ways, […]

Exploring Shipping Container “Industrial-Chic” Décor

If you’ve never heard the term “industrial-chic,” then you may be surprised at everything that falls under this stylistic umbrella-term. It’s used to describe any repurposed industry-centered item or location and industry-reminiscent aesthetics that revolve around raw materials. These can all include: Weathered wood Building systems Exposed brick Industrial lighting fixtures Concrete Old factories Other […]