Shipping Containers: How They Are Made

Everyone relies on shipping containers – they haul goods all around the world. Shipping containers are a reliable way to transport nearly anything. So how are they designed to handle all of this work? There’s an array of steps involved, and quite a bit of manual labor. Here’s a look at how shipping containers are […]

3 Ways You Can Re-purpose A Shipping Container In Kentucky

A cargo shipping container can be used for a variety of purposes besides transportation. Here are a few ways re-purposed cargo containers are used around the world and in Kentucky. 3 Ways You Can Re-purpose Shipping Containers In Kentucky Living Spaces People have been making residences out of shipping containers for years. Homes, apartments, and […]

8 Ways To Get Organized For A Major Construction Project

Want to stay organized with your construction project?   Working on a major construction project isn’t easy. You need to plan and execute every aspect carefully to ensure successful results. It is a project manager’s responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong during construction. They oversee the project from initial discussions to final handover. If […]