Packing for International shipping

Shipping Overseas? Tips for Safely Packing Goods for Shipping Containers

Packing Shipping Containers for Overseas Shipping

Are you shipping commercial goods overseas in shipping containers?  If you are shipping overseas, you are probably concerned about your cargo arriving safely and free of damage.  Even though shipping containers made following ISO standards are built to be very secure, dry and durable, there are still some packing strategies you can use to increase the chances your items will arrive in good shape. Follow along for some helpful packing tips as you prepare for international cargo shipping.

6 Tips for Safely Packing Shipping Containers for Overseas Shipments

When you hire a dependable overseas mover, oftentimes you can also hire the overseas moving company to arrange packing services for you. This might also be something you’d prefer to do yourself. If you are packing your own goods for an international shipment, here is some helpful advice to follow to get you started.

  1. Pack by weight. Place heavy on the bottom of boxes. Lighter, and more fragile items, should be placed closer to the top.
  2. Nest your items. In order to save space, and to secure your packing, ship items inside one another whenever possible.
  3. Pack your cargo tightly. One of the keys to great packing is tight packing. If your cargo is loosely packed, it will move around a lot. This greatly increases the risk for damage.
  4. Cushion breakable items generously. If you are shipping cargo that is breakable, you have to take every precaution to protect it. Use packing styrofoam, crumpled paper, towels, and other appropriate materials to pad the bottom, top, and sides of any boxes carrying fragile cargo.
  5. Pack similar items together. It’s much easier to unpack your cargo when you have items that belong together in the same box. If possible, organize your shipment in advance to simplify the unpacking process.
  6. Clearly label boxes. Use labels to specify item type, and whether fragile items are in the container. If a carton belongs in a certain position, use a permanent marker to draw arrows on each side of the box specifying which end is upright.

It is also advisable that you keep a detailed list of the contents in your cargo shipping container. Even though this information will be required for shipment and customs regulations, you should always have your own records in a secure place for easy access.

Whether you buy used or new, investing in high quality and well maintained shipping containers will make any overseas shipments that you do much easier. Moon Trailer Leasing offers a large selection of high quality shipping containers in a variety of sizes and styles. Headquartered in Kentucky, the company has nearly 30 years of experience buying and selling shipping containers.


renting a portable office

Benefits of Renting a Mobile Office Trailer from Moon Trailer Leasing

Renting a Mobile Office Trailer

Mobile office rentals are a convenient option for many different types of companies. Probably most common in the construction industry, they can also provide a clean, secure and comfortable office setting for a variety of other types of businesses and situations. For example, portable office trailers are also a great solution for jobsite recruiting when a location is being built or remodeled. Additionally, they also work well for special events. Temporary situations like disaster clean up or movie trailers during on-location filming provide another great opportunity for a portable office.

Benefits of Mobile Office Trailers vs. Permanent Solutions

Mobile office trailers offer you a number of benefits that more permanent solutions cannot provide. One of the biggest reasons why many people choose to rent a mobile office trailer is speed. While a permanent building structure takes time to construct, a mobile office trailer is available very quickly. In fact you can oftentimes get an mobile office trailer delivered on the same day that you place an order. Similarly, it can be removed off site in the same manner, requiring little time and effort, and leaving behind zero trace.

Another benefit mobile office trailers provide, as their name suggests, is their mobility. Having a portable storage solution means that if needed, you can move the unit around a property or location depending on the circumstance. This can be extremely helpful in many different situations where the “best” location for the mobile office changes based on shifting factors.

Additionally, renting a mobile office trailer is typically more affordable than building a permanent structure. Mobile units are constructed to be very durable, long-lasting, clean and secure. In fact they are typically made as strong if not stronger than permanent structures.

Mobile Office Trailer Sizes and Dimensions

Moon Trailer Leasing offers portable offices in a variety of sizes and arrangements depending on your unique needs and situation. Portable office trailers from Moon include the following dimensions:

  • 20 ft. Ground Level Offices
  • 20 ft. Office Trailer on Wheels with Steps
  • 20 ft. Ground Level Office/Storage Combinations
  • 30 ft. Office Trailer on Wheels with Steps
  • 40 ft. Ground Level
  • 40 ft. Ground Level Office/Storage Combinations

Sometimes you might not be sure what the ideal mobile office trailer is for your site. Contact our experienced staff for detailed floor plans. This includes layouts for a variety of workspaces. For example, our 8’ x 30’ portable office trailers provide 270 square feet of work space. This works out to be two offices divided by an interior wall which has a standard interior door.

Choosing Moon Trailer Leasing for Mobile Office Trailers

When you choose Moon Trailer Leasing for a mobile office trailer, you are working with a locally-owned company that is 100% committed to excellent service and products. We’ve been proudly serving customers across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee for over three decades. And we’ve built our brand around our tagline: “Ask for the Moon and get it!”

Our company stands by all of the mobile offices that we rent to make sure that you receive the quality and customer service you deserve. In addition to our office trailers, we provide OSHA approved steps to keep you safe and compliant. All of the portable office trailers have insulated walls, ceilings and floors. Other standard options our units provide include vinyl flooring and interior wood paneling. Our units also have fluorescent lighting, electric heating and electric ac units. Additionally, sliding windows and lockable steel exterior doors are the standard.

Contacting Moon Trailer Leasing to learn more about Renting Mobile Office Trailers

Moon Trailer Leasing offers portable office trailers for rent to companies and organizations across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. If you have more questions or are interested in a fast and free quote, call 502-776-2199 today.

New Cargo Shipping Containers For Sale in Lexington, Kentucky

Are you looking for new cargo shipping containers for sale in Lexington, Kentucky? Moon Trailer Leasing offers one of the largest selections of used and new cargo shipping containers for sale in Lexington, Kentucky and throughout the region. Our company has been purchasing new cargo shipping containers and refurbishing used ones for nearly three decades.

Cargo shipping containers are used to transport more than 90% of the world’s non-bulk container. In fact, in 2012 20.5 million intermodal containers shipped goods in across the world. Shipping containers are built to strict standards. Typically cargo containers are available in two lengths — 20 feet or 40 feet — and two heights — 8 feet 6 inches and 9 feet 6 inches.

Cargo shipping containers typically function just like cardboard boxes or pallets do. They are designed to allow for cargo to be bundled into a larger unit that can easily be transported from Point A to Point B. Shipping containers are easy to handle, move, and stack which allows them to be tightly packed. 

About Shipping Containers For Sale in Lexington, Kentucky

Shipping containers are ideal for those in an industrial line of work since they can be used for shipping cargo. They are also excellent as a short or long-term storage solution. The new cargo shipping containers for sale in Lexington, Kentucky, are available in 20 ft. and 40 ft. lengths. Each shipping container available through Moon Trailer Leasing has a variety of features including:

  • Swing Doors on One End or Both Ends of the Containers
  • Secure Lock Boxes are Standard on Most of the Units
  • Clean, Dry, and Secure Being Built to ISO Standards
  • Accessible via Forklift 

Buying a Cargo Shipping Container from Moon Trailer Leasing

Every cargo shipping container for sale by Moon Trailer Leasing in Lexington, Kentucky is available for pre-sale inspection. Our containers come in a variety of sizes, conditions and colors. While Moon Trailer Leasing has a large selection of new cargo shipping containers, the company also specializes in used containers for sale. Some of the used shipping containers for sale have minor dents and rust due to the handling and shipping process while others are “like new” after making one trip from the factory to our storage yard in Lexington. All of our shipping containers for sale are storage worth, wind and water tight, and priced accordingly depending on their status. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the cargo shipping containers for sale in Lexington, Kentucky, contact Moon Trailer Leasing today. Our Lexington office is located at 1180 Manchester Street. We are right behind Bluegrass Mulch, near the Wise Bird Cider Co. and Pepper Rickhouse. Contact Moon Trailer Leasing in Lexington, Kentucky, today by calling 859-299-2614. 

Used Conex Boxes for Sale in Louisville Kentucky

used conex boxes for saleAre you looking for high-grade commercial quality Conex boxes for sale in Louisville Kentucky? Moon Trailer Leasing offers a large selection of quality used Conex boxes for sale and rent in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding region.

Conex boxes were initially created as a means to safely and securely ship goods internationally for military use. Now shipping containers like Conex boxes are used to transport most of the world’s cargo. According to the International Code Council (ICC), there are now over thirty million ISO containers in use across the globe.

Conex boxes are sometimes called ISO steel containers, ocean freight containers, storage containers or sea cans. They are very strong, with dense, thick walls constructed with industrial-grade steel. Not only are they very difficult to damage, but they are stackable and comparatively easy to move. This makes Conex boxes the ideal vessel to transport many different types of goods safely and securely all around the world.

Moon Trailer Leasing’s Conex boxes are clean, dry and secure units. Each unit is built to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization). ISO standards include the approval of specified designs based on strength and safety requirements. Conex boxes are built to be weatherproof since climate and weather conditions during international shipping may vary considerably. Containers are constructed and inspected to ISO standards by a Classification Society. Each of these containers includes a Safety Approval Placard, sometimes called a data plate.

Sizes of Used Conex Boxes from Moon Trailer Leasing in Louisville Kentucky

Moon Trailer Leasing offers used Conex boxes for sale in two popular sizes – the 20-foot and 40-foot container.

Standard ISO shipping containers are 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet high and available in two lengths – the 20-foot Conex box and the 40-foot Conex box. There are also extra tall shipping containers referred to as “high cube containers” available at 9.5 feet high.

A 20-foot Conex box typically weighs just over 5,000 pounds.

Features of Conex Boxes For Sale in Louisville Kentucky

Moon Trailer Leasing offers two sizes of Conex boxes for sale. Some of the features of the Conex boxes available from Moon Trailer Leasing include the following:

  • Swing Doors on one end or both ends for easy packing and loading.
  • Secure lock boxes for added security on most units.
  • Forklift accessible.
  • Sold “as is” and available for a pre-sale inspection.

Moon Trailer Leasing offers used Conex boxes in a variety of sizes, colors, and conditions. Some may have dents from years of shipping and handling. Moon Trailer Leasing’s used Conex boxes come in a variety of grades and conditions. Each container’s price is according to its grade and condition.

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing used Conex boxes from Moon Trailer Leasing, please contact us today by phone or email. Locally-owned and operated, Moon Trailer Leasing has offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky. Moon Trailer Leasing has sold new and used Conex boxes to customers throughout Kentucky and Southern, Indiana for over two decades.