What's the difference between ground level offices and mobile offices?

Ground Level Offices vs Office Trailers: What’s the Difference?

If you know about our mobile office for rent services, then you might be aware that we offer two different types office: ground level offices and mobile offices. Both of these container-based offices are wonderful additions to worksites, but you might be wondering – what’s the difference?

While the two are comparable in many ways, there are a few factors that distinguish one from the other.

1. Set-Up and Placement

The most obvious difference is that mobile offices are mounted on a chassis and wheels and then pulled by a trailer to the job site, where is sits in a locked position on a cinderblock mount. They include OSHA-compliant stairs, as well, as opposed to the ground level offices, which have no need.

Ground level offices are completes flat, made out of repurposed shipping containers, and are placed on the jobsite via a crane after being transported.

2. Size Availability

Due to the mobile trailer option not being made from a shipping container, there are differing sizes in what stock we have to offer.

Mobile Offices – 20 ft. and 30 ft.

Ground Level Offices – 20 ft. and 40 ft.

Our ground level offices are offered in the same dimensions as our shipping containers for rent or for sale, save for the Hi-Cube option, which is unique to the non-office containers.

3. Storage Options

Due to the heightened security that a shipping container affords, we offer a variety of different ground level configurations to fit your needs. One of those options is a container office that is made up of  50% storage and 50% office, with an interior wall to separate the spaces.

With the space constraints of the mobile offices, we unfortunately cannot provide that extra storage space at this moment in time, but there is still plenty of space in the office area to enjoy!

4. Long-Term Cost

Due to the upkeep of the chassis and wheels, usually the mobile offices have a few costs down the road that ground level offices can avoid, depending on how often the office moves sites. Since ground level offices are generally a little more expensive to move with the equipment required, they’re better as a long-term, yet still temporary office solution for one site, whereas the mobile office is convenient for companies that need a more portable option.

What Doesn’t Change?

While there are a few things that change between the two office options, there are plenty of things that are the same across the board! And we want to say, we think that they’re the most important details in the end, because Moon want you to have the best portable office around!

1. Terrain

Both offices are compatible with multiple kinds of terrain – the only requirement that they need are a flat surface to rest on for stability. If the site is very rural or natural, then it might be best to keep in mind the transportation methods of each office! The mobile office needs a truck to pull it as well as a jack to lift it for chassis care , but the ground level office are delivered on a tilt bed trailer or roll-back truck, so there could be additional equipment needed – such as forklifts, jacks, or cranes – to place it in the right location.

2. Quality

One thing that never changes at Moon is the quality of our products, our services, and our customer appreciation. We provide only the best shipping container-based offices, regardless if it’s an actual repurposed shipping container ground level office or the portable office. Our offices come with water and weatherproof exteriors, and our customer service is second to none! The durability and versatility of mobile offices are made even better by the quality of the construction, and that’s what we aim to give.

3. Accommodations

While there is some variation between every unit, mobile and ground level offices alike, we make sure to keep our customer’s comfort and safety in mind. All portable offices have:

  • Insulated walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Interior wood paneling
  • Florescent lighting
  • Electric heating
  • Electric ac unit
  • Sliding windows
  • A lockable steel exterior door

With AC for your hotter months and heat for the colder ones, we make sure to include these kinds of amenities in all our portable offices. And, with the included security of the thick, steel, shipping container walls, our ground level offices not only provide comfort, but safety, as well.

4. Moon’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Finally, we’ll never change the satisfaction guarantee that Moon operates on. We value our customers, and are greatly invested in their experience and satisfaction with our service, so we remain as proactive as possible with our clients. Along with our mobile offices, we offer portable restrooms and showers, dumpsters, and refrigerated container storage so that you and your job site have everything you need to be successful.

If you are looking for mobile office rentals or purchasing options in the Kentucky or Southern Indiana, considering giving Moon Trailer Leasing a call. Our experienced team has decades of experience serving the needs of customers throughout Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky and in Clarksville, Jeffersonville, and New Albany, Indiana as well. Along with delivering clean, high quality, well-constructed units designed to meet your needs, our team is proud to offer competitive rates and top-notch customer service. Additionally, we also specialize in other related services including portable restroom and shower rentals, dumpster rentalsrefrigerated container rentals and more. For additional details or to get a fast and easy quote for your project, give us a call at 502-776-2199.

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