Storage Containers For Sale Louisville Ky

Storage Containers For Sale Louisville KyCustomers searching for storage containers for sale in Louisville, KY will find Moon Companies carries one of the largest local inventories in the area, with ‘one-trip’ and used containers in various conditions. If you’re looking for a great deal on a quality 20 foot or 40 foot storage container, call Moon Companies at 502-776-2199.

Moon Companies carries both one-trip and used containers to better meet the needs of their customers. All containers are ready for immediate shipment from their Louisville and Lexington yards, as well as from various affiliated depots throughout the US. The conditions of containers range from ‘like new’ (one-trip containers) to various grades of used containers. Pricing is affordable and is based directly on the age, condition and life expectancy remaining in the container.

Consider a few of the reasons why locals prefer to do business with Moon Companies when it comes to storage containers for sale in the Louisville, KY area:

– Moon Companies offers both short-term rental and sale of containers
– Convenient locations cater to Louisville and Lexington residents and businesses
– Assistance with placement logistics
– Swing doors available on one or both ends of container
– Secure lock boxes on most units
– Containers built to ISO standards
– Clean, dry and secure storage options
– Forklift accessible

Are you looking for like new storage containers for sale in the Louisville, KY area? Consider a ‘One-Trip’ container, the newest containers available on the market. Moon Companies offers one-trip containers for sale or rent throughout the entire Midwest as they are a great deal on storage. They’re called one-trip containers because they make a single trip from the factory in Asia before being sold. These are considered cargo worthy, as well as being wind and water tight. One-trip containers have a long life ahead of them.

Moon Companies also sells used storage containers in a variety of grades and conditions. They recommend a pre-purchase unit inspection of any container you’re thinking about purchasing. Feel free to contact the expert staff from Moon Companies at 502-776-2199 with any questions about buying new versus used, rental versus a purchase, custom sizes of containers, or any other concerns you may have. They’ll be happy to answer your questions as well as assist you with a delivery accessibility evaluation.

You can take a closer look at the storage containers for sale in Moon Companies Lexington, KY inventory right from the comfort of your own home. Simply visit and take a look at their photo gallery where you’ll get a better idea of what’s available. Check out the Dimensions chart to see interior and exterior length, width and height of containers as well as door opening options.

You won’t find a better deal on storage containers for sale in or around Louisville, KY than what you’ll find at Moon Companies. For more information, send an email to or visit the website. Moon Companies is committed to finding the right solution to your storage needs.  Storage Containers For Sale Louisville Ky