Storage Containers For Rent Louisville Ky

Storage Containers For Rent Louisville KyLooking for storage containers for rent in Louisville, KY? You’ve come to the right place. Moon Companies has a huge inventory of storage containers both for rent and for sale, at affordable prices you’re sure to appreciate.

Moon Companies understands that your storage needs may not be permanent or long-term, making the purchase of a container an out-of-pocket expenditure that would not benefit you. Moon Companies rents containers for clients with short term needs, just like you. Consider a few of the benefits of renting from Moon Companies:

– Short term rental to better meet the needs of clients
– 20 or 40 foot containers
– Louisville and Lexington KY locations
– Swing doors on one or both ends
– Secure lock boxes standard on most units
– Built to ISO standards
– Containers are clean, dry and secure
– ForkLift accessible

Moon Companies maintains a large inventory of storage containers that are offered for sale or rent in Louisville, KY, delivered on company-owned trucks en route from Louisville or Lexington. Forty foot containers are delivered using semi-trucks that are equipped with 40 foot tilt-bed trailers, while twenty foot containers are delivered on 35 foot flatbed roll-back trucks. If you’re not certain whether your location allows logistic placement, just let someone know when you call Moon Companies and they’ll evaluate your location.

When immediate storage is needed and an off-site storage location does not suit the convenience of clients, storage containers that are delivered on-site are often the perfect solution. All of the storage containers for rent from Moon Companies in Louisville, KY are structurally sound and very secure, so you won’t have to worry about the contents, whether they happen to be your personal belongings, business inventory or something else.

Do you have unique storage needs? It’s not a problem. Talk with a specialist from Moon Companies by calling 502-776-2199 and ask about their variety of sizes and configurations to determine what will work best for your needs. For example, you’ll find containers in their inventory that have double swing doors on one or both ends, depending on your requirements. Hi-Cube containers offer extra clearance for items that demand extra floor-to-ceiling space (8’ 5 1/2” in clearance).

All of the storage containers for rent from Moon Companies in Louisville, KY are forklift accessible and can either be placed at ground level or put on a chassis for dock level access. 20 foot units weigh approximately 5,000 lbs and offer a 1,665 cu ft capacity, while 40 foot units weigh about 8,000 lbs and offer a 2,694 cu ft capacity.

For precise dimensions, visit where you can take a closer look at the exterior and interior dimensions of each container, door opening dimensions and descriptions of containers, complete with photos. Feel free to browse the storage container gallery to choose the perfect container for your needs or make a call to 502-776-2199 if you have any questions or wish to rent a container. Storage Containers For Rent Louisville Ky