Office Containers For Rent Lexington Ky

Office Containers For Rent Lexington KyAre you in need of immediate office space? Moon Companies has a wide variety of office containers for rent throughout Lexington, KY. You’ll find that the containers available today are able to uniquely meet the needs of a variety of businesses and offer affordable options from 100% office to 50/50 office storage.

Shipping container offices offer the cost-effective solution many businesses are looking for, yet they have numerous benefits aside from just being affordable. If you need office space immediately, Moon Companies can deliver in a time-frame that will ensure you’re up and ready to take care of business whenever you need the doors to open. Consider a few of the advantages of a mobile office container:

– Even businesses that have designated office space may lack the kind of privacy that is necessary to conduct certain types of business. If you find your office does not allow that kind of quiet space, a small office container may be perfect for your needs. A small, completely private office space may make all the difference when it comes to turning work in on time.

– You’ll have more room in an office space, due to their natural spaciousness. You’ll also have many options when it comes to choosing the size of your office space, so whether you just need a 20 foot container or a 40 foot area, you’ll find the perfectly-sized unit to accommodate your staff and your equipment.

– Finishes in office containers for rent throughout Lexington, KY are virtually limitless. Personally modify your office space with heat and air if necessary, doorways where they are needed and not where they aren’t, ground level access or on wheels with steps, all depending on your needs. Speak with a specialist from Moon Companies by calling 502-776-2199 and let them know what you need from your office container.

Choose from 20’ and 40’ ground level office containers, 20’ and 30’ office trailers on wheels with steps, or 20’ and 40’ office/storage combinations. Moon Companies supplies OSHA approved steps that ensure easy access to your office space. Ask a staff member about the floor plans that detail the layout of workspaces to gain a better understanding of what is available. Their 8×30 office trailers provide 270 sq ft of work space that includes two offices divided by an interior wall with a door.

All of the office containers for rent by Moon Companies in Lexington, KY have insulated walls, ceilings and floors with standard options that include vinyl flooring, interior wood paneling, fluorescent lighting, electric healing, an AC unit, sliding windows and a steel exterior door that is lockable.

Call 502-776-2199 to speak with a specialist or go online to to see their impressive inventory of mobile offices, storage containers and trailers, portable restrooms and mobile hand washing stations and much more. Save time and money by calling Moon Companies for your mobile office needs and discover the reason so many other businesses are turning to mobile options. Office Containers For Rent Lexington Ky